Automatic Glycohemoglobin Analyzer
ADAMS A1c Lite HA-8380V

For smaller Laboratories
Smaller, but with full functionality

Compact size
Full functions and performance in a compact size.
*Size comparison with HA-8180V

HPLC technology provides accurate results-inluding detailed chromatogram. it will be shown in both IFCC and NGSP units.

Cap-piercing method
ADAMS Lite uses a cap-piercing method which enables the placement of capped blood samples. This not only reduces the workload but also helps protect lab technicians from infection.

No special tools are required for daily maintenance. Exchanged parts are hand-tightened, minimizing the workload of users.


Measurement objects Whole blood or hemolysis sample
Measured items Fast Mode: HbA1c (Stable HbA1c, S-A1c) and HbF
Variant Mode: HbA1c (Stable HbA1c, S-A1c) and HbF (HbS and HbC separation and HbE and HbD detection can be performed).
Measurement principle Reversed-phase cation exchange chromatography
Measurement wavelength 420 nm/500 nm (Dual-wavelength colorimetry)
Resolution 0.1% Ratio, 1 mmol/mol
Measurement range HbA1c: 3 - 20%, 9 - 195 mmol/mol
HbF: 0 - 100%
Processing speed Variant mode: 160 seconds/test
Fast mode: 100 seconds/test
Sample consumption Whole blood sample: Approximately 4µL
Anemia sample: Approximately 8 µL
Hemolysis sample: Approximately 350 µL
Sample container Sample tube:
(12.3 or 15 mm in outer diameter) × (75 to 100 mm in height)
Sample cup: 500 µL
Sample supply Piercing sampling
Compatible rack type ARKRAY racks (for 5 samples)
Operating environment Temperature: 10 - 30°C;
Humidity: 20 - 80% RH (No condensation)
Display 20 digits × 2 lines LCD
Printer For use with 58-mm width thermal printer paper
Number of measurement samples Maximum 10 samples
Power requirements AC 100 - 240 V±10%, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions 330 (W) × 515 (D) × 485 (H) mm
(Not including protrusions, eluent packs and hemolysis washing solution bottle)


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