Improvements to Workplace Safety & Health

In all of our business activities, ensuring the safety of our employees is our top priority. The ARKRAY Action Guidelines state: We will strive to ensure workplace safety and will comply with the "Industrial Safety and Health Act"(and other equivalent laws in each country). We will also take good care of the mental and physical health of ARKRAY's group members. At the same time, we will endeavor to raise knowledge and awareness of workplace safety through regular workshops and events.

Case 1: Activities of the Safety and Health Committee at Kyoto Laboratory

The Safety and Health Committee holds monthly meetings where managers of major departments gather to discuss near misses and countermeasures, as well as measures to improve safety and health within the facility.
In FY2021, along with the routine measures to prevent near misses, the committee worked on solutions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (such as establishing and announcing rules, setting up hand sanitizer stations, and conducting regular employee PCR testing) and pursued universal design in the facility (by installing blind-spot mirrors, universal restrooms, etc.).

Top Left: A universal restroom; Top Right: A blind-spot mirror; Bottom Left: Hand sanitizer stations; Bottom Right: Conducting regular PCR tests for employees

Case 2: Implementation of "Safety Week" in India

At ARKRAY Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., our production site in India, we introduced "Safety Week" as an event to raise awareness of safety and health. During the week, all employees participated in various workplace safety programs as much as possible, including fire drills, chemical handling, biohazard countermeasures, first-aid training, and traffic safety training.

Upper Left: A health screening; Upper Right: Biohazard training; Lower Left: First-aid training; Lower Right: A firefighting drill